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President's Welcome

Welcome to the website of the Regional Council, the elected legislative Assembly of Piedmont.  Article 12 of the Statute of the Region provides for "broad and multifaceted" information, in order to encourage citizen´s participation in the activities of the Regional Council, which is considered a prerequisite to "promote and encourage participation in the life of the regional community".
The Piedmont Regional Council was one of the first Italian public administrations to promote digital technologies to increase citizen participation in democratic government. This allows many more opportunities to get in touch with people, to interact with them and to answer promptly. 
We can therefore note with pride that the website has progressively become a reference point for citizens, businesses, local administrations and organisations, where they can get information on the activities of the institution and obtain timely information on the many functions that the legislative Assembly performs.
From this website, the user is for example able to watch live streaming of Assembly sessions and to search the archive for recordings of previous meetings, which are very important sources of information. Moreover, it is possible to find a variety of information to better understand the origins and motivations behind the legislative choices.
In recent years, considerable effort has been made to promote the accessibility of the different sections of the site, to make it simple and easily "navigable”. However, we are always open to suggestions on how to improve the content and style. All visitors of the website are therefore warmly invited to let us know what you think, to give us advice that will serve to further improve the presence of the Regional Council in the wide information ocean that is the Internet.

Stefano Allasia